September 30, 2014

pDeneghra conversion

Completed my pDeneghra conversion.  Gave her a fall base for my painting groups monthly challenge.

Putting my Deathjack pics on here since I'm having trouble with them on another site. 

August 21, 2014

Revenant Cannon #2!

Cannon squad #2 for my developing pDenny gunline.

So I tried to get a little fancy with their bases in regards to them being pirates. 


July 3, 2014

Revenant Cannon

The next project, one Revenant Cannon Crew!

Project complete!
They're painted in the colors of a Khador gun crew (as best as I could get them anyway!) for a painting groups monthly special assignment. This month was traitors.

June 17, 2014

Saxon Orrik

Going to try to paint him in the actual PP colors...
I don't think I did too bad.  My camera washed out some of the rust looking coloring on the metal and his face is darker than it looks on camera.


May 27, 2014

Iron Lich Overseer

I think it actually took me longer to figure out how I wanted to do the base than to paint this model.  I didn't do the glow-effect detail work I've done on the last couple of models, but I still like it.


April 10, 2014

Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

TBP (To Be Painted) by the end of April... Wrongeye and Snapjaw!

Finished!! (PS - This is what happens when you watch movies like Temple of Doom while trying to think of conversions...)
Indiana "Snapjaw" Jones

Short Round "Wrong Eye"

And the pair


October 18, 2012

Wraithguard before/after

So I finally decided to start repainting my old ugly wraithguard.  I started with the one the only one that never had paint.  So first, the old scheme:

I think I painted these when I was 15 and was just learning to paint.  Yes, I know.  Ugly.  So I've matched the new Wraithguard to match my armies current color scheme:

I tried to get one with less flash but still show the color at the end, but my camera on my phone isn't that good.  The only thing I didn't put on was the craftworld symbol anywhere, but I've really only been putting that on vehicles anyway (and I think a farseer).  Thoughts?

I painted the warlock to go with the Wraithguard.  I'm pretty happy with him, what do you think?